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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Isaac, in my 80 I actually ran 12-2 romex and work boxes.. plugged into a hidden inverter. That solution worked well, other than it was just a 400x inverter so it didn't do much, and it created static with my CB... ok that solution didn't work that well. But grounding issues aside, running an extension cord "behind the scenes" is still viable. I bet there's a picture here somewhere..
Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Same idea here Isaac. I opened up my inverter where the existing plugs were attached to the box, and extended those wires using basic stranded copper wire (can't remember the gauge) to 4 remote plugs in my truck: two in the cargo area and two behind the center console. The issues (as I recall from a few years back) are the lack of space inside the inverter box to stuff more wires, and the need to drill some holes in it to run the wires to the outside. Other than that it's just ripping apart your interior and running cable....

Chris - The sophisticated solution is to run some heavy gauge (fused) wire from your aux battery to a hard-mounted inverter somewhere inside the truck (probably in the cargo area), and then use the inverter to power your 110v appliances. A "less elegant" workaround would be to carry the unmounted inverter, and then when you are at camp you can hook it to your battery using some alligator clips, and then plug in your lights to the powered inverter. The latter introduces many more risks for shorts and electrocutions, but it's not unprecedented....
Nice! I like the modification approach. Sounds like Romex is bad, but some good shielded wire may work well.


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