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so its been a while ...again.

I took the engine apart, took it down to gunn had them go through it and machine everything.
started putting it together, Mike stops by: "I think flat top pistons with this head is not right"

he's right. I wish I had caught that before paying all that $ for the head work....

I have open chamber head with flat top pistons ... probably why the guy pulled it to begin with, ran like crap, like 6.5 to 1 or something.
oh well, I learned stuff.

biggest problem is there are no oversized domed pistons, NLA except for std
So...I have 3 options:
1. buy custom pistons ($700 to $1200 depending on source)
2. mill the crap (.100) out of the open chamber head to get compression up w/ flat tops
3. source a later 2f head with closed chamber

I am going with number 3....hopefully...

while I waited on gunn, I rebuilt my carb, pretty fun project, ricardo's thread was a big help thanks Ricardo! I had the 2f manual, his thread, a camera, a pad and pencil and patience.

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