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Originally Posted by jps8460 View Post
Not sure. I've never had an OEM one.

**After some serious P/N digging, I found a Fel-pro spacer that is proper for this application.

P/N 70577

A well-known Land Cruiser parts vendor, with whom I have had a close relationship for many years, started carrying aftermarket replacement Kyosan Denki fuel pumps some years ago. They sent me one to test. I found that even though it was the same company that makes OEM pumps for Toyota, there were numerous areas where the specs were downgraded from OEM.

Among them were that the diaphragm was significantly smaller, the lever was thinner metal, and it needed a spacer or "insulator" in Toyota jargon (along with a second gasket) to get the lever the proper distance from the cam lobe.

As a result of my observations, they started including the spacer with each pump along with a second gasket. I carry that pump in my trail spares, but wouldn't install it as primary; subsequently I only use genuine OEM on all my Land Cruisers as well as my daughter's.

Anyway, that's why I was asking about O'Reilly's pumps and whether they were as good as OEM or not. Last time I bought a new pump I recall it was around $80-$90 or so even with our club discount at Stevinson.
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