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The couple selling seem nice enough & honest, and they'll tell you they don't really know cruisers/40's. They bought it a couple of years ago from someone, for her to tool around in it for the most part. The truck is a terrific 20 footer, but any closer than that and you can sell all of the rust bubbling through everywhere. Rust bubbling up all over under the paint, and a ton of really bad patches already built into it all over the place. It probably looked great when they bought it, and will likely look really, really bad in a couple of more years. If they had ever done any rough trail riding in it, I'm sure the bondo would have cracked in a million places.
It seems like it runs pretty well (although I didn't drive it). It started right up without any real effort. the tailpipe was cold to the touch, but the muffler was still hot, so it had been run at some point within the last 30 minutes to an hour I'm guessing. That could hide a lot of cold start problems, so I can't say how it starts & runs when it has been sitting for a couple of weeks.

The bottom line, I would have bought the truck at $5k, even with the rust, as it seems like it would look all right & be fun for a couple of years before needing a lot of work. But at 10k (price it was when I went & looked) or 8k, it seems way overpriced to me. I'm sure they are hoping to get some of their money back, and I'm sure they weren't not told about the bondo & such when they bought it. If you do consider buying it, know that it will need tons of body work one day soon.

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