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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
When I first got them I was unsure about the sidewall, they really seem to bulge more than I am used to, and at first I was a bit afraid to air them down much. I have had them on for over a year and a half and have learned that they aren't "thin" just flexy, and that's a good thing. Better traction and fuel economy. But they aren't thin or weak compared to other tires that don't bulge as much, it's all in their high-tech rubber compound. I air down to 17 PSI now and have wheeled the snot out of them, never had any issues with sidewalls. In fact, my rims haven't even gotten as dinged up as the rims have when I ran the BFGs.
After the Ouray trip and major rocks on Tincup Pass I can't even hardly see a scuff mark on my Duratrac sidewalls. Only sidewall I ever cut was to a nearly new Nitto TG on Chicken Corners.
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