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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
What size are you running? I had always thought that they were all thin, 2ply stuff, but then someone on Expo showed a set of em in the 285 range and they were 3 ply. Someone said below that size they were only 2. No idea if any of that is true. Just curious.
Mine are 315's. They are "E" rated. I can't speak for other sizes personally. Mine felt extremely thin when I got them. (ordered from Summit Racing). When I had them mounted the tire tech even committed they seemed super thin in the sidewall for what they are. Later I spoke with a local GoodYear dealer down here. They had quit selling them to the oil & gas guys as they had so many sidewall failures locally. Personally all this does not matter to me. Mine only see the HWY for the most part as they have studs for winter use.
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