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The history on this one has been a bit hard to track and follow. It has all the napco bits; their divorced transfer case, 6 lug axles, park brake set up, etc. I have a old client that used to work for Chevy on the truck line way back in the day, and he says its a napco....yet all the info I can find shows this model year was post Napco.
Further history shows this truck was owned by the railroad and had outriggers on it for RR track use.
We suspect that may have had something to do with it, perhaps they continued to modify these for fleet service use? Perhaps my elderly client is in error too.
Still a bit of a mystery to me and I had no idea what I had until my client took a look and filed me in on what I do know. I can't track the vin because the cab that was on it was a total loss (rust) so I got another one, cleaned it up and threw it, and its vin onto the chassis.
Marco, it has been a long 9 months prep! My wife was sick of primer dust, I was sick of sanding/filling/sanding, neighbors were sick of the dust, noise and having to help me lift things on and off for mock up.....yes, huge relief that the body/paint part is over! Now, I have to put it all together again.....the fun stuff!
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