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I;m new but I design tires and wheels. the tire side is full of compromises. the duratrac is what is called a tweener tire. not a mud and not an AT. cooper has one, procomp, and goodyear that's about it. for durability I take the trxus MT any day works as advertised I know I helped design it. it is now built by STA and not denmen. so it will last longer but .... just a little longer. compromise is the key. you must balance your needs to performance. the duratrac is probably the best for you but folks have found out weak sidewalls. the Interco Trxus MT out performs it with the exception of mileage. so you have to make the decision. there are reasons why each tire works but that isn't what is important. its what is important to you. any feel free to ask.
has anyone seen the birddog wheel?
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