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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
The only weak point of the Duratrac is the sidewall IMO. They are very thin but despite that there have not been too many reports of failure. .
I don't run these, but I'll tell you, I've seen sidewall and tread puncture 100% of the time when wheelin' with a fellow 60 owner who has them in 16". (OK, 2 runs...but both times) I'm sure it's coincidence as most I've talked to love them.

but many sidewall punctures/failures have you guys have with Duratracs compared with your other tires? (knocking on wood...I've never had a puncture with my BFGs)

I've been running BFG ATs and MT (km2). the only reason I moved away from the AT was one time, in MT they loaded up so much mud it was crazy! an inch off the tread! I've been happy with the KM2s. That said...the ATs for me were GREAT for on/off road duty and worked well for me in the snow. (as they get older, they get much worse in the snow/cold)
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