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Originally Posted by simps80 View Post
10 ply is a rating..E equals 10 ply. A rating of strength and load capacity..not actually number of plys.
So your e rated 10ply are stronger than the 8 ply d rated tires.

Ply ratings identify the load carrying capabilities of a tire in terms of plies. Ply rating originally referred to the number of cotton layers used to strengthen a tire's casing. Today, when tires are labeled 10-ply, they are not actually constructed of 10 individual layers of cotton, but offer the equivalent strength. Passenger tires are currently constructed from one or two body plies, while light truck tires consist of two to three, or one steel ply. Over time, steel ply and radial construction replaced cotton leading to a new distinction, load range."
So what does the ply=2 info on the sidewall mean? 2 layers of 5 each?

Ok, read it again. So 10 ply doesn't actual imply 10 ply.. just more than 8. thanks for clearing that up!
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