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Originally Posted by JFO View Post
Thanks, Jeff. Hopefully I'll find somebody interested in buying it. BTW, do you think there may be any interest among the serious 4-wheelers? Or does the vehicle's lack of F/R diff locks rule-out the serious people and make it a better fit for laypeople just needing good traction on-road/around town?
For under $300 to purchase, a Lock Right or Aussie locker in the rear will be a quick and easy upgrade if someone wants to stay within a tight budget. I run Lock Rights in the rear of all of my Land Cruisers except my FJ45, which is more of a work truck than a wheeler. I know of several people who put them in their FJ80s and FZJ80s and were happy with the results. It takes around an hour to put one in and doesn't take any special skill. I wrote an article on installing Lock Rights in Land Cruisers that was published in Toyota Trails. In my personal experience, there have been very few times when having the front locked would have helped me, typically that is in deep snow.

ARBs (or factory electric) are stronger and work better because they are selectable, but rather expensive to purchase and install.
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