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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
Now I get it, there must have been someone from Japan there and after you tipped said

"he was very crose to making it"

Where did that happen on the trail Stve. And I am glad that you and your truck are both OK
Ken, I think you have explained the situation perfectly! I was "this crose", in my best Maxwell Smart voice, from cleaning the obstacle. As it was, it was a matter of trying to finesse something that a little heavier throttle might have made easier. It was on the ledges section right above the slabs above Buck Island. I had already picked a low line and Uncle Ben wanted me to take a higher line after he had a chance to survey the situation. Trying to get up to the higher line put me in the middle of no man's land and I was about six inches short of getting through it all cleanly. Let the jokes begin! The pic is BVB's son AJ's impression of it all - a little tilt added for effect. Result was limited to a dent at roof line and a slightly more awake driver. Pissed Uncle Ben off that a bag fell out the passenger side window.
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