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Ok, went and used a drill-mounted steel brush to clean (most of) the grime off, and got a new 6 groove clutch installed.

Originally Posted by Jacket
I ended up with about $50 in extra brass that I don't need....
What's your plan for integrating into the fan belt/pulley?
I'm already collecting bits I don't need, or worse - getting fittings that require other fittings when one would have done the trick. Its not all that bad though - I just figured I would sit down and seriously think through the setup at home and order it online. I'm paying extra for shipping but I can process this stuff better when I'm not in a store/in a rush to get out. On the 4.3 there is just one serpentine belt and an idling pulley where the original AC would have been. I'm removing the idler, tensioner, and all of the bracketry that holds it and making my own bracket to accommodate both the compressor and the tensioner. Pretty much the same thing that was done in the link I posted earlier, just with my pump mounted vertically.

Originally Posted by rover67
drill and tap the head to accept pipe thread street elbows. done. that's what i did
That was my thought too... I got a 3/8 tap - what size did you use? I'm wondering if I really have to drill it first and if so, what size bit I should use. I might also just tap the original fittings. Would hate to have to find a new head for it. (or new compressor, more likely)
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