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Took a look at this cruiser for a customer, I had told the owner it needed a bunch of work, Engine was real Oily, paint is rough, sun damaged, Passenger front door needs a work due to a wind burst that messed up the door stop broken and then dented the door, door will open, but make a binding noise when trying to open fully. Hood and front fenders have been Painted, but could not determine if they are original or not, no Vin tags on the fenders and hood. Many little dents that is hard to see in the picture. I do believe it needed service work on the Axles, and yes it does not have lockers.
Jim(the owner) is asking way too much for this cruiser. I had told him that he was a bit out of touch on the price, when I looked at it he was asking 6800 or 6900.
He has come down some, but no where near what the current shape suggest one should buy it for, it also has C-piler cracks on both sides as well.
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