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Yep thanks guys for the ideas and offers, forgot I posted this thread, glad it has legs and might help someone else out.

My trailer guy was able to find a local shop to fab us up a 5x5 to a 5x150mm hub adapter.

I also found a shop in AZ that would be able to do it.

So, Nakman kindly broke up a set of 100 series wheels for me. Thank's Tim!

For future reference, the trailer guy I am using had several hub options and only one was toyota friendly at 6x5.5 but... no one will fab up a 6x5.5 to a 5x150mm. The dimensions just don't work out.

My thought was to get a hub that was the 6x5.5, so that if I ever went to another Toyota I could match the wheels... I can still do this, obviously by just swaping the axel hub for a 6x5.5

Anyway, great learning lesson on all this for me and my trailer is in production.

Carry on with your wheel swap!
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