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Originally Posted by Old40Dog View Post
I have a 14" chop saw I used to cut my tubing and a 4" angle grinder for the smaller stuff both of which could work depending on what size you're starting with. My sheet metal was cut to size so I didn't need to do more than a few trims there. You're welcome to what I have though.
Thanks Dave! Made a mockup today and think I might be able to get by with a chop saw... We'll see. I'll do what I can here and might ask for some of your expertise. Here's the mockup I made (redneck solution):

Also, the manifold/filter setup is complete. Just need a couple female disconnects (and a tank... but that might come later).

I'm kicking myself for not getting metal today. Dencol is closed on weekends, and I happen to have this one unexpectedly free due to the heavy rain. :-/
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