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So here is the basic itinerary for the trip. Still trying to finalize Thursday, but not to worried about that.


Saturday: Arrive at camp, Bear Lake.

Sunday: Depart Bear Lake. Stop at Montpelier Id, site of Wild Bunch Robbery. Highway 89 through Grand Canyon of the Snake River to Jackson. Possible route into Jackson: Fall Creek Road and Pritchard Pass (Need to do more research).

Monday: Head out of Jackson SW via Highway 191. Early lunch at the Open Door road 30500. Leave time to dip in the hot springs. Gas options once out of Jackson: Hoback Junction. Recommend at least two extra Jerry cans. From the open door, back track to 191 and continue SW. Exit on to Forty Road, then North on 352. Stay in 352/Green River Lakes road to Green River Lakes and Camp.

Monday night camp at Green River Lakes.

Tuesday: Back track on Green River Lakes Road to Moose-Gypsum road to 353. Cross river to Rock Creek Road. North on 600/Union Pass Road. Lunch at Mosquito Lakes. Union Pass/ 263, 240 to Highway 287. Depending on time and fuel, head NW on 287 to Brooks Lake, road 515. Highway 287 SW to Dubois.

Tuesday night camp at Torrey Lake, road 411 (trail lake road).

Wednesday: Highway 287 SW to Lander. Louis Lake Road/Sinks Canyon South. Lunch at tower (talk more with K.C about route or have him guide us). Louis Lake Road to South Pass City. Explore Corisa Mine.

Camp at Atlantic City, use camp from 2009 run.

Thursday: Hudson-Atlantic City road 2302 to Highway 287. 287 East to Jeffery City. Explore Jeffery city for a little bit. Ore Road (5) north to Black Camp Road (508). Black Camp Road to Highway 287. 287 West to Shashoni. Highway 20 north to Birdseye Pass (170). Birdseye Pass to Thermopolis. If have time, hot springs in Thermopolis. Buffalo Creek Road (5) Thermopolis. Buffalo Creek to Dry Bridger Road (269). Badwater road (117) to Cedar Gap road (102).


Head to Hole in the Wall. Hike Hole in the wall, camp along Buffalo Creek (2009 camp).


Outlaw Cave via Barnum road and Hole in the Wall Ranch. Hike Outlaw Cave.

Home Sunday.


Some thoughts:

Sundays thoughts was to spend the night in Jackson. Thought it would be fun to check out the town. Was going to spend some time looking at hotel rooms etc if this s something wed want to do. Or we can bag the idea all together and camp somewhere else. Totally game.

We will be spending a good amount of time in Bear country. Might be good to spend some more time on this subject during preparation. Who has bear spray/weaponry etc. I'm sure D. Linn and Stan can add some good tips for camping in bear country.

Theres a few other things but cant think of them right now....

Ready for the run!!!

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