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Originally Posted by gr8fulabe View Post
Hey all,
Is sunshine canyon open to 119? People are posting as though they can get to Robbie's, but we heard it was closed.

Also, if it isnt opened, we are about to go around the Long way, boulder to golden, I-70 to Idaho springs, to Blackhawk. Then up 119 to Magnolia road & our house in boulder canyon.

Anyone have an idea of where to get (buy or borrow) fuel cans along that route? I'd prefer the good ones, metal or the thick PVC, NATO style over crappy ones. But any port in a storm, if you know what I mean.
Hi Abe-

We live up in Ned and just did the Blackhawk/Golden route yesterday due to Sunshine being closed (per the Sheriffs Office). The drive down was ok and several gas stations along the route were open. Coming back up was a different story. A ton of kayakers had traffic stop and go just outside Golden and that backed up traffic to Rollinsville.

The hardware store in Ned had plastic gas cans a couple of days ago but unsure if they still have them due to the demand up here. Only one of the two gas stations is open and has had long lines. I filled some of my cans at Costco just to have it on hand.

Lmk if I can be of any help.

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