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Originally Posted by Old40Dog View Post
WOW! Glad K&K worked out. It's lookin' real nice Dan!
Thanks Dave! This was with a 14" cutoff wheel... SO SLOOOW. I don't know if I can hear your story about that solid metal without hurting myself Anyway I did some reading and heard that a sawzall works great, and sure enough it does... Cuts aren't as clean, but if you use another piece of metal as a guide you can make some decent straight lines. It went MUCH faster.

So I was able to get the idler mount built with some trial and error. Glad I tacked everything first because I had to break, grind and re-weld things several times before I got it. Still need to get some hardware to bolt it together, but the bracket is complete:

I'll get some photos of the completed bracket when I feel like looking at it again
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