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Email I received from our patrol liaison at the USFS.
Hello again folks!

Here’s the latest update. I have included below a message from our Forest Supervisor Glenn Casamassa on the status of things on the forest. I will also attach a couple of photographs of what I am receiving in so you can see for yourself some of the devastation (one of the Stove Prairie/CO 14 junction and one of Young Gulch going under CO 14 bridge).

ALL patrol and work activities are suspended. There is nothing more important than your safety!!! Without it you cannot do the wonderful work that you do for our National Forests.

As for the trails I can only guess right now that many will be closed for an extended period of time. I feel hopeful that once we can get in and see what is going on we can plan on some early 2014 projects to get started on some of the repairs. Some like Young Gulch and North Fork may be closed longer for need of more major work. As I find out more I will let you all know. I do expect that parts of the district will open up as we get things to dry out. How much or where I am not real sure. Many of the access roads to the district are completely blown out or have major structural failures.

Thanks and stay safe!



Folks: I wanted to update you on the status of our response to the flooding after the past weekend events. We now expect significant damage to infrastructure and resources on the Boulder and Canyon Lakes Ranger Districts. We also have concerns about heavy rains and flooding in Clear Creek and Pawnee National Grassland and potential impacts.

Fortunately all of our employees are still safe and accounted for. We know at least four employees have been evacuated, several have experienced damage to their homes and the employees staying at the AD Site bunkhouse are still on pre-evacuation notice. Arrangements have been made to move bunkhouse employees to more secure locations if needed. We have relocated some assets from the Ad site to Building E in the interim.

Employee and visitor safety remain our top concern as we continue to work through this event. All field going activities are suspended on the Boulder and Canyon Lakes Ranger Districts until further notice with very limited exceptions to this direction. Restrictions may be added for areas of the Clear Creek Ranger District and Pawnee National Grassland after we get a size up of how rains and high waters affected these units. Employees on these units need to discuss with their respective district rangers where travel is allowed.

We have issued press releases and posted information to the web (ARP Website) discouraging travel, recreating and other activities on all four of these units until further notice. We have been in contact with our campground concessionaire, camp hosts. Most campgrounds were evacuated over the weekend. Sheriffs have been notified where remaining hosts and campground visitors are located.

The Forest Leadership Team met over the weekend to develop a strategy and charter for a Flood Impact Rapid Assessment Team. The team is organized as a hybrid of an Incident Management and a Burned Area Emergency Response Team and will complete a rapid assessment of damage and risk to facilities, roads and other infrastructure caused by the flooding focused on the Boulder and Canyon Lakes Districts. To support our work we are re-assigning the helicopter and its crew back to the Forest to use in the assessment and are holding all remaining ARF resources on unit. We have developed a cost estimate/work plan and have been working with the Region and Washington Office for financial support for the Assessment.

Today, the Forest will issue an area closure across portions of the Boulder and Canyon Lakes Districts to enhance safety for the ongoing FEMA, State, and County emergency actions. The order and map will be posted on the web.

Yesterday, I talked with Vaughn Baker, Superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park. All Park employees have been accounted for, although at least one employee’s home was completely lost in the Glen Haven area. Vaughn has a Park Service Type 2 Team on scene. I have been in contact with Mark Faust, IC and we will be coordinating efforts and leveraging resources with the Park where we can.

The two Type 2 Incident Management Teams (IMT) have been working with the counties -Team B (Dallas) is assigned to Boulder County and Team A (Del Grosso) is assigned to Larimer County. An Expanded Dispatch is now set up in the main conference room until further notice to support the incidents.
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