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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I wish I had your oil leaks

There is a cam plug on the back of the engine block, was that checked? How about your side cover gasket? Sometimes that oil can migrate back and drip from your clutch inspection cover (which looks like the worst leak to me).

Unfortunately I think you would have to pull the tranny again to get to it
The side cover gasket is dirty, but dry. I did look there. The cam plug is something that you have to pull the tranny for, right? That will be the last one I check, but a good idea. How would that leak? I thought it was a solid plug?

Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
My guess is that cam plug Matt mentioned, or else the new rear main didn't seat right or the seal surface is boogered causing it to leak even with a new seal.
A possibility.. the oil leak is very slow which I hope means it's the skid plate like Nak mentioned below

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Sometimes when you get the drip off the oil pan's little skid plate, it can be coming from the welds that hold that little skid plate on. This one:

I fixed this once with JB weld inside the pan.. With the pan off I could pull on the skid plate, and see where the metal was cracked.. of course now that I know what I know I'd most likely get it welded for real, but at the time JB seemed to fit the skill set, and budget. a repair that's still kickin', to my knowledge. so if you take the pan off, check it out.
This seems like a likely culprit. I will clean everything off and check this weekend.
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