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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
I just registered my FJ62 at the DMV today and the nice lady (who owned an FJ60) printed a copy of the 'Collectors Item Affidavit' which was last amended 8/6/13. It's a single sheet of gobbledegook, which tells you little, but sends you to Section 42-4-304.

It also says that 'Pursuant to 42-12-404(3), to register or re-register a collector's item that is model year 1976 or later, the owner must have a certificate of emission control.'

Also, max miles per year allowed is 4500.

We need to stop electing politicians who monkey with these laws under the cover of darkness, such that it's a surprise for anyone with collector plates. Was ANYONE in Rising Sun aware of these changes, just enacted?
But its for the children!

Originally Posted by AHorseThief View Post
Good to see that our state legislature tackled the really important issues this past legislative session.

I think my approach in the next election will be to vote against all the incumbents.
If it only saves just one life, it's worth it!

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