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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post

there are quite a few pieces to the whole puller kit so just keep it all together even if you just need to borrow one part. hopefully that'll keep stuff from going missing.
Hey guys, new to the forum but I'm a regular over on iH8Mud. I'm at that point... You know, that point where everyone gets stuck on the H42 rebuild where you have to pull that bearing. Rebuilding my 1976 FJ40 - a frame off I guess (can't seem to stop taking things off).

I saw that you guys have a puller floating around and that you might be lettin' your Tennessee cousins borrow it? Or even pay to borrow it?

I'm either going to have to build my own, or get really lucky and borrow one that someone has.

Please let me know.

Here's my H42 rebuild thread documentation for future suckers like me:

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