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I just went thru the process of smogging my 76 with a SBC engine. I am not grandfathered in on the classic tags so I will have to get inspections every year.

I had to remove my headers and put on rams horn manifolds with the air rail holes. Put on air rails and air pump. No EGR and No catalyst. It was not the original engine in the vehicle but the couple stickers on the hood and door jamb saying non-catalyst was enough for the Air Care folks not to care. The stickers do say EGR but they didn't seem concerned with that piece of equipment being on.

In short if you have the air pump you should be good. I wouldn't worry about the EGR. If your vehicle is new enough that the engine should have a catalytic converter I think they are going to want to see one.

I passed on the first try. The standards for the sniff test is not hard to get to. You could easily do it with a properly tuned engine and/or leaned out carburetor. The visual inspection is the hard part. IMO.
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