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Originally Posted by treerootCO View Post
Anyone want to buy a 1978 FJ40? You forgot to mention the mandated 15-20% ethanol that makes all of the old iron less efficient. This was planned all along, it wasn't a surprise to the folks that make up these laws.

I have eleven (11) 5 year collector's plates that are due in October. NONE of that revenue is going to Colorado this year (if this BS is true).
'Root, you've mentioned the mandatory 15-20% ethanol coming soon to a pump near you and I've seen the ad on TV about writing your congresspeople to not impose legislation to this effect. Do we have a thread going on the forum that discusses the possibility of E15/20 so we can all see what is going on and act accordingly? Who needs to worry about keeping trails open if we can't get fuel that our vehicles will run on??
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