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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
How much of the price is due to rarity, do you think? I'm guessing it would be $10K if it wasn't so rare.
Absolutely. 1993 80 series aren't rare here, so to get an average one with a rebuilt head and a couple accessories would probably be around $6k. Throw in a premium for a diesel engine and that 10k number is pretty close. But....this isn't an 80, so yeah, premium price of some level is gonna happen.

Brett, it's a cool truck, wish I could buy it. I would recommend you dig up the history and figure out how it got here. Before most people will drop that kind of cash, they're going to want to see the importation paperwork to know its fully legal. Registration isn't enough to guarantee its legal. Some people won't care about that, but there are warnings all over the customs sites.

For example, there was a late model diesel prado that just sold for around that much, but it was a diplomat import = legal as far as we know. I believe the diplomat loophole has since been closed (diplomats are supposed to export the car and not sell them locally) but it could have been brought in before that.
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