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There was just a thread on this a few weeks ago, I thought it was here, maybe it was colo4x... There was the same panic and pissed off thoughts on the change in that thread too, which got me worked up since I have a 76 with collector plates. If I'm reading right, the OP had issues and they wouldn't let him re-register? I think everyone's getting worked up for no reason, at least for those who are grandfathered.

In regards to those grandfathered, I don't think there is any change. I just registered mine in August, via the mail, with no problems. Read the law carefully again, pertinent words highlighted by myself..

"Model year 1976 or later that was registered as a collector's item prior to September 1, 2009; except that a vehicle so registered is not eligible for registration as a collector's item upon sale or transfer to a new owner; or

(c) A model year at least thirty-two years old; except that, if the vehicle is being registered in the program area, as defined in section 42-4-304:

(I) The vehicle must have passed an emissions test meeting the standards of part 3 of article 4 of this title within the last twelve months before being INITIALLY registered by the owner as a collector's item"

In other words, if it's currently registered as collector, then still no emissions should be required because you're not INITIALLY registering it, you're renewing it.

What am I missing??
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