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Default Multi Use Trailer

This followed me home Saturday afternoon..

Been wanting a dual purpose trailer, for family/expo and wood hauler. Even with a Land Cruiser, camping with the family and all we need was getting cramped.

After missing out on a few used M416s on CL, I ran into one these in Steamboat. Did some research and decided this would be a good fit for our use and budget.

I picked Caterpillar yellow vs matching.

So far I mounted the RTT with quick release Thule towers, so I can remove the RTT quickly when hauling stuff like mulch, wood..

This is a Ruger Trailer and Steve the owner is local up off of Federal. Price was reasonable and pretty comparable to buying a used M416 and then fixing it up.

I went with leaf springs for cost but Steve also makes an independent suspension similar to an Adventure Trailer. The box is 5ft long vs an m416's 6 foot length. Steve can make what ever length you like, though. I stayed away from anything custom again for cost considerations. Steve can get the 6x5 hubs for Toyota wheels. We had to find a local fab shop to create a hub adapter to convert a 5x5 to the 100 series lug pattern.

Need to mount the water can carrier and 5lb propane bottle.

Mario from Adventure Trailer happened to be in town and delivered a propane btle and mount to the house. He walked around my trailer and agreed that the trailer was a good value for the price point.

Nice to have a bit of his seal of approval, since he knows so much about these trailers and how we use them.

It is awfully shinny and will need some Colorado Sun with a mix of southern Utah dust to get just the right patine...

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