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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
You guys love the Skinny Girl... hey what kind of hitch does it have? Is there a back door to access your junk while someone's up top?
Yep, that was Melinda's drink, I stick to beer... I have it set with a Pintel and Lunette for now. I might do what Dave K. has down the road.

There are 2 sizes available for back doors, small and large... I will post pics.

Small back door

Large Back door

Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
Really nice Chris!

I met Steve and his wife when I was having my rack powdercoated. He was picking up his trailer frames from the same powdercoater. We spoke for a while about all the options he offers.

Does the lid have struts that can handle the weight of the RTT, so you can open the lid while the tent is attached? Did it come with the LC wheels?
The lid does have stout struts and one locks. It opens really solid with RTT on it and did not seem as though the RTT was overloading in any way.

I supplied the wheels and tires. Had to get an adapter made to go from 5x5 to 5 x 150mm.

Originally Posted by Squishy! View Post
What was the cost on that beaut?
His prices are on his website. They start at 3k and go up depending on what you want. Also you get a small credit if supplying your own wheels
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