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Originally Posted by teamextreme View Post
There was just a thread on this a few weeks ago, I thought it was here, maybe it was colo4x... There was the same panic and pissed off thoughts on the change in that thread too, which got me worked up since I have a 76 with collector plates. If I'm reading right, the OP had issues and they wouldn't let him re-register? I think everyone's getting worked up for no reason, at least for those who are grandfathered.

In regards to those grandfathered, I don't think there is any change. I just registered mine in August, via the mail, with no problems. Read the law carefully again, pertinent words highlighted by myself..

"Model year 1976 or later that was registered as a collector's item prior to September 1, 2009; except that a vehicle so registered is not eligible for registration as a collector's item upon sale or transfer to a new owner; or

(c) A model year at least thirty-two years old; except that, if the vehicle is being registered in the program area, as defined in section 42-4-304:

(I) The vehicle must have passed an emissions test meeting the standards of part 3 of article 4 of this title within the last twelve months before being INITIALLY registered by the owner as a collector's item"

In other words, if it's currently registered as collector, then still no emissions should be required because you're not INITIALLY registering it, you're renewing it.

What am I missing??
You have to read further down. 42-12-101 defines what is a collector vehicle. My 1977 FJ40 registered as a collector's vehicle before 2009 is considered to be a collector's vehicle under the law. The difference is that you can now register, say, a 1977 FJ40 as a collector vehicle as long as you meet the requirements for the emissions test.

The other difference is here, and applies to ALL collector vehicles, even the ones that were grandfathered in. 42-4-304 says this: "the executive director shall establish a biennial inspection schedule for 1982 and newer model vehicles, an annual inspection schedule for 1981 and older model vehicles, and a five-year inspection schedule for a 1976 or newer motor vehicle registered as a collector's item."

Additionally, 42-4-310 says, "To be sold or transferred or to renew the registration, 1976 and newer model motor vehicles registered as a collector's item under article 12 of this title must be inspected and have a certification of emissions control. The certification of emissions control is valid for sixty months." <----This part is different for those of us that got grandfathered into the collector program.
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