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Originally Posted by jps8460 View Post
I've been hording emissions parts for quite some time. If you need to borrow some stuff to get you passed PM me.

or just get a PO box in summit county or something so that you can register up there. Sorry if I' repeating info, didn't take the time to read all of the replies.
Thanks, mine's a SBC though. Only thing I've needed to do in the past before collector plates was to have a working air pump system, which is no longer installed. I did save all the plumbing, but my new headers don't have any ports. I'm doing a later model EFI swap, so maybe a trip to the referee is the best approach, although they may still have used the air injection on my donor motor, I'll have to research. Funny thing is all the e-tests I got and nobody ever questioned the V8. Just wanted to see the air system.

I do have access to a PO box in Summit county, 2 in fact, but someone posted they have cracked down on that trick (has to be same address as on your license). Not sure how accurate that info is, have to research that option too.
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