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Originally Posted by jps8460 View Post
I've been hording emissions parts for quite some time. If you need to borrow some stuff to get you passed PM me. I have a kit (full exhaust, intake carb everything) that I swap on to pass emissions. then I go back to a desmog for a 4mpg and 15 or so HP increase for driving. It's an 8hr ass beating, but worth it for the trips that I do.

or just get a PO box in summit county or something so that you can register up there. Sorry if I' repeating info, didn't take the time to read all of the replies.
Sorry if I seem to be repeating info, too, but you can't just get a PO box in an outlying county or use your buddies cabin address when applying for auto registration. In Colorado, you have one legal residence and that is what you must use for registering your vehicle. If you have a drivers license issued in an emissions county then you are stuck with having to get your cars through emissions testing. The only way around it, that I see, is to get your license issued in a non-participating county and that is more of a long-term hassle than swapping emission gear in and out every year if you remain living in the Front Range.
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