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Originally Posted by powderpig View Post
Are your skid plate steel Wes? The later model ones are a thin plastic with air bubbles, not much between your engine and tranny and the road. An I believe we are a bit lower in these Golf's than the Jetta's and the Passat's.
Glad to hear about the Yoko's, may need to look at them.
Standard plastic with the square air bubbles. I don't know the exact difference in height between old and new and the different models. For regular street driving I haven't had an issue with stuff in the road except for other cars . I've had it on a few dirt roads but if you regularly travel those then I can see it being a good upgrade.

Yeah.. I really like the IG20's but I only run them for 4-5 mos max. I could get 4 snow seasons out of them that way. the last 2 sets i bought used... Still, I could keep up with almost every suburau in the snow . I could pass the majority of the SUV's since they didn't run snow tires. Last set I had I left em on because i thought they were worn out but I drove them the whole summer. I could have got another winter from them. lol.
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