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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
Sorry if I seem to be repeating info, too, but you can't just get a PO box in an outlying county or use your buddies cabin address when applying for auto registration. In Colorado, you have one legal residence and that is what you must use for registering your vehicle. If you have a drivers license issued in an emissions county then you are stuck with having to get your cars through emissions testing. The only way around it, that I see, is to get your license issued in a non-participating county and that is more of a long-term hassle than swapping emission gear in and out every year if you remain living in the Front Range.
Well, I have 3 collector vehicles registered at my daughters address since she lives in a non-emissions county. The last was purchased 3 months ago. On the first two nobody ever asked to see my DL to verify my residence. On the most recent one, the lady asked and I just told her it has my old address on it since you have at least 90 days in Colo to get your license changed when you move.
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