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Originally Posted by MisledYouth View Post
I had the 2.5" heavy installed at Slee a couple of days ago. My old shocks were shot, and the kid feels awesome. They describe it as a "sports car" feel. I can see what they mean, but it's still not on par with my 5 Series . It's not uncomfortable by any means. I bought the heavy kit, as I plan on buying the full bumper/skid plate stable from them as well. Even without the heavy Slee bumpers, the suspension is nowhere near what I would describe as "bone jarring". Just do it.
Thanks for the info. Even though I've never been in your truck, I have driven a non-bumpered 100 with Slee Heavies and one with 863s. I would consider them both to be bone jarring. Your level of comfort is obviously far different than mine.

I carry a good amount of weight when I'm loaded. Plus, the 35 hanging off the bumper isn't exactly light either. I also lowered my bump stops by 1inch to accomidate the 80 Series extended length shocks. I hit the bumpstop pretty hard on big hits. When the back is empty, i dont hit. Romer and Nakman carry similar weight, Romer is on 863s and I've driven his truck...... The ride isn't too bad. Just trying to gage Tim's ride. I'm not really a just do it kind of guy. I try to select each mod for a specific purpose.
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