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Thanks for the feedback, everybody. Responding to two of your posts...

Matt, those "Four Wheel Drive" moldings were applied by the body shop when they did the hood and fender work 10+ years ago. (I rear-ended somebody at low speed in the I-70 traffic crawl.) Not sure if these were just something they "up-sold" us on or if there were prior moldings that were somehow damaged and actually needed replacing.

Robbie (powderpig), I appreciate your taking the time to check out the vehicle and for your assessment here. It's entirely accurate. The fender painting I'm pretty sure was just where it meets the hood for "blending" - as that paint looks different from what's on the rest of the fenders.

The price I was asking was actually $6,499 when you visited. I've since added in the grille and tail light guards ("damage enhancers" I think you call them) and dropped the price to $6,199 on Craig's List and $5,900 on my post here. I can drop it another $400 to $5,500 for Rising Sun members if you think that's fair. If not, what do you think is fair? I'm still getting inquiries via Craig's List, so I may keep it higher there just in case.

Thanks again,

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