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Since I can't make it on Wednesday, I'll post my questions/concerns. I had been set on a RTT and that gradually morphed into saving for a expo style trailer with a RTT on top (Just like yours Chris)..... However, We've been toying with the idea of a entry level offroad pop up lately now. (E1, Jayco Baja type) It ends up being roughly the same price as a trailer/RTT. Less capable off road, but much more convenient.

The thing that deters me from the trailer with mounted RTT is that it's so low to the ground that an annex room won't work. We like the idea of having that extra room to store some gear, let the dog have her own bed area, change clothes etc. I was on the Koko this year with a guy who built a trailer from a kit. The tent was mounted up high, but could be lowered if needed. It was a neat setup, pretty affordable considering and very capable offroad. This is the article about the trailer on our trip.

Anyone else have the same concerns? I guess a big eating/gathering tent right out in front of the trailer/RTT would serve the same purpose as a big annex.
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