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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
This is the article about the trailer on our trip.

Anyone else have the same concerns? I guess a big eating/gathering tent right out in front of the trailer/RTT would serve the same purpose as a big annex.
Gotta love that Lock N Roll hitch!

Not sure I will be able to drag my beast out for this, but love the idea.. I run the modified popup setup, here's the "build thread"

Stan my opinion is the younger the kids, and/or the worse the weather, than the better the popup gets. There's something about being able to just go inside & play games or cook mac & cheese or go to bed. Or being able to get up in the morning and hang out where it's warm & comfy. If we're going to be at the same place for 2+ nights, particularly if we want to bring a bunch of toys, we like the popup. One example is our daughter was 4 months old at Area BFE when Cruise Moab was there. I had a daily project of refreshing propane & batteries, but in the end she slept great every night in a warm pack & play with no blankets. I think it was low 20's at night, we had to scrape ice off the windshield to go wheel.

The best thing about any trailer is being able to unhook the darn thing. I wouldn't want to actually wheel one though, particularly one of any significant weight or length. But I'm ok with dragging it through hell if it means we get to set up at a sweet site for awhile. My bottom line is trailers are all about setting up & hanging out with conveniences of comfort, stereos, multiple cooking options, etc. and bringing a ton of crap with you. We love to camp this way sometimes- we bring bikes, motorcycles, Estes rockets, kites, RC cars, squirt guns, you name it.

I could see as the kids get older & the bikes get bigger converting our utility trailer to more like what Josh built up, i.e. the RTT on top of moto space. The really likes sleeping in the RTT, and I'm coming around to enjoying that style of camping as well (a lot more living out of the back of the truck, a lot less "moving in" to your camper or tent.)

As for RTTon the truck, it's a project to bolt the thing on and take it off again... plus there went all my roof rack space (no more Thule box for guitars, no more 10x10, etc.) However setup/tear down is a snap, and it's great for sleeping (not much else). My bottom line is RTT's are all about just getting through the night and on with your day, with a minimal amount of junk to move in transition. We love to camp like this too-

I've yet to experience a hybrid trailer/RTT, so maybe I'm missing out on the benefit? My naive opinion is I feel they combine the worst of each- all the joys of towing a trailer, with all the joys of not having a camper when you get there. But they sure look cool.. I'm not ruling it out and am open to the idea, look forward to seeing more about it next week! I could easily come around.
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