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Tim, well said on all points.

My wife loves our RTT, as well. I am slow to break camp, as most know and with having the RTT on top of the LC, I feel like I am always rushing to close everything back up. Plus, we have soo much crap stuffed into the LC when we go as a family. So it will be nice, when applicable, to set up camp and drive away with ease.

I have figured out a pretty fast way to mount it on our Gamavitti rack though, wratch-it wrench makes quick work of those tedious turns..

I wanted a pop-up but price wise could not swing what I wanted this year and also needed a utility trailer.

Stan for that changing room, I know what you mean, I have one but can't use when RTT is on the trailer. I pitch our stand up REI tent. Also the smaller RTTs don't fit the entire family, so Ben and I sleep in the tent and the girls get the RTT..

I don't think there is a one size fits all to these needs, kind of seems like needs change as Tim said, kids get older and you have more toys...

I am not sure about that hitch thing. Letting the trailer roll over vs. having it ride on one wheel till the feature is past seems better, of course that is assuming you are going super slow... I know Dave K mentioned his trailer did a complete 360 flip once and landed right side up. That would have been a sight to see.

Many of the expo trailers have the telescoping arms also, so you can raise the RTT/awning when you get there and lower when traveling.

One option is what Tim has done also but in a more aggressive trailer (i.e. lighter/higher clearance) Ruger Trailer is fabbing up a high clearance larger platform at his shop right now and when I saw it, I thought wow, you could buy an affordable used pop-up and drop it on this trailer. Steve makes them to any size. Might take some convincing though, he is very conservative about what he is willing to sell you in a rough platform.

Some day that might be my next move, I have wanted a hard sided or hybrid trailer for winter ski camping and can't afford what I like. Might be able to find something older and drop it on one of these trailers.

Expo Portal has a killer sub category for this stuff and a great photo thread of expo trailers..
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