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^ Great stuff fellas. We've been back and forth on what to do. I almost dropped $2k on a RTT last year, I'm glad I waited. It's not out of the question by any means, especially if I can pick up a used one at a decent price.

We kinda figured my wife and the twins in the RTT and Keagan and I in the tent or the back of the truck. I've got a Zodi shower system and a nice shower/bathroom shelter. That setup works pretty good.

There have been a few popups in the 3-5k range that look like they'd fit the bill. Add my shower setup and I think a three day outing with the kids is very doable.

I've been out with Jonathan Harris a bunch, his Adrenaline Trailer is the real deal and then some..... But at $20k for a new one, I could buy another 100 with a trailer attached, RTT on top, interior gutted for gear and have someone follow me around wherever I go.
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