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Yeah a cookout is starting to cross the line a bit, good call. I will call Stevenson and verify.. they've got a dirt lot they put snow into, maybe we could park there? it was an alternate option for the Jack-It/Recovery night, but we thought too small for what we wanted to do at those. But would be fine for this. I don't think we want to up and move the meeting though. let me see what I can work out, will try get a hold of Derek tomorrow.

Chris as for the Lock & Roll comment, you don't want your hitch to be the reason your trailer flopped or didn't flop. If you're putting that much side load on a standard trailer hitch, it's going to bend the trailer end of the setup, or possibly snap the ball off. Either way, you could really be SOL at that point, particularly if you're way out in in the Maze or something. If things are really that sketch, then get some spotters with straps or something, bounce the trailer over to a better line, or rig up something on your own if alone. or take a different line altogether. But a hitch with virtually unlimited articulation is a good thing.

The other benefit is, there's no forward/back movement, so no clunking when going up and down little dips. Just a more solid, more fluid connection.
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