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Pretty much every product in your house says "Potentially harmful if swallowed. Contact a physician or a poison center immediately if ingested" or some similar variation. It's stupid because it says exactly that whether it is virtually harmless (diaper rash cream) or extremely deadly (antifreeze). If I was in charge, there'd be 3 different warning labels:

1. "This stuff is really pretty harmless. Unless a large amount is ingested, it's not likely to be an issue. If swallowed, and you are worried about it, call the poison center." This would be for stuff like lotion, silica gel, etc.

2. "This stuff could be harmful if swallowed or otherwise used inappropriately. If swallowed, please call the poison center." For stuff like cleaning agents, etc.

3. "This **** will kill you dead. Use extreme caution with use and do not leave it anywhere near children or pets. If swallowed, call your poison center immediately." For stuff like antifreeze, carb cleaner, rust removers with hydrofluoric acid, etc.
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