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Default food and waterd and other supplies

This should probably move to an Outlaws email thread but wanted to get us thinking about it.Perry or Dave ...did you guys get the final Outlaw list with emails?

Thinking about food, water and other things. Nak had posted up in the past about not needing 10 stoves, 10 lanterns, 25 chairs, etc. smart.

Breakfasts: typically a combination of group breakfasts where we all contribute something (eggs, bacon/sausage, burrito makings, pancakes, hash browns, etc) and fend for yourself breakfasts in case we need to break camp and hit the trail (cereal, oatmeal, etc).

Lunches - typically on your own, sandwiches, snacks, manifold meals, etc.

Dinners - in the past we've had good luck with impromptu groups meals but not mandatory by any means. "hey, I've got pasta...anyone got sausage or something to add??". with a larger group maybe we should verrrrry loosely structure this. Meat night? pasta night? quesadilla night? Burger night? everyone's favorite...."Weiner Night".

Also to think about is the other group gear...Tables? lanterns/lighting? stoves? pots/pans? awnings?

again...probably best to move this to the group email.

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