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I ended up just swapping antennas. I have a short one that's on most of the time, that is lower than the garages I enter, then a longer one I swap on for extended trips, or when the RTT is on and I can't enter garages (the long antenna helps reinforce that).

For shorties, one of the most durable is the Comet SBB-1. Plus it actually works pretty well- you'll still hit about every repeater you're used to, and performs great on trail runs. It comes up short for longer range simplex, or trying to hit the GJ repeater from Rifle, but again those times just swap on a bigger one.

I have seen multiple broken Comet SBB-5's, have broken one myself. The thin base they use for the fold-over portion just isn't up to the task of pushing through tree branches. So I'd look more towards a Diamond for a big one.
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