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Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
Wow, I just read your KK thread Ken, that is even cooler than I thought. Are there really only about 25 in the US? I didn't know that. I should have jumped on the KK that was on ExPo a few years ago that had the damage. I think it was being let go for about 8k or something.

Am I making it up or did you have a stripped down KK at one time? More of a base model? I thought I saw one at a Rally one year. Maybe I am dreaming.

I would love to see an Tvan someday up close and personal, I think it is the best of both worlds, with a hard shell and expanded living space.

Thanks Drew

There are between 25-30

I had a Jayco Pop-up, then an Adventure Trailer before getting this. The condition of the trailer when I bought it is what is shown in the first posts before I modified it. Not sure what stripped down means, but I think you were dreaming
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