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Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post
I pulled some repeater info from the interwebs...I found conflicting information on the tones. I've added the options below. If someone has the ARRL repeater book or maybe knows of a more reliable place to verify, go for it and update as needed. I just couldn't find a definite answer.

Listed as Freq (PL tone)


Rock Springs
146.610 (100 or 107.2?)
146.670 (151.4 or 100 or none?)
146.940 (100 or none?)
444.500 (123)
444.700 (100)

Green River, WY
146.805 (none)

147.090 (none)
147.390 (100 or none?)
449.825 (none)

146.610 (123)

146.730 (123)
447.700 (123)

449.675 (none)

Bear Lake/Cokeville
147.120 (123)**Bear lake ID down for maint**
147.300 (100) (cokeville) open
I added these to a Call Sign list that I'll have printed for everyone on the run.

Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
Good thoughts, thanks for putting this out there. Feel asleep watching the Broncos last night.

Communal meals have been a fun addition to the trip. Maybe plan on one main cores for the week that you bring? Everybody else chip in?
Shawn, were you only drinking beer at Wynkoop? But yes, an email to everyone would be a great idea. I've got Posole.

Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
Just got a heads up that Lander was supposed to get 8" of snow last week. Might be best to pack for cold weather. Lets hope for an Indian summer....
Taking the -30 bag just in case. Likely to see snow especially in NW Wyoming this time of year.
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