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Default For Sale 1984 Toyota FJ60 Land Crusier

For Sale 1984 Toyota FJ60 Land Crusier. $1800.00

237,000 miles

Broken crank shaft pulley(The large Pulley in the cluster of 3 broke free of the other two)
Needs new tail pipe
It has two broken leaf springs rear passenger and driver side front
Needs new wind shield

FJ starts and runs but is not drivable due to the broken crank shat pulley.

Rebuilt carb - 2012
Intake Manifold removed and resurfaced- 2012 ( I have spare intake manifold used decent shape + new manifold gasket)( I bought used one thought mine was cracked was not)
New Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, Intake studs - 2012
All new vacuum lines - 2012
New Thermostat - 2012
New upper water house + gaskets - 2012
New bottom water house + gaskets - 2012
New radiator hoses I have new lower hose just didn't get it installed yet - 2012
New head gasket - 2012

New Plugs, Wires, Distibutor - 2011
New fuel filter - 2011

Tires have a little life in them
Contact me at 303-909-2597 or email
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