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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Air bags are a great way to add instant load capacity while retaining a suspension tuned for a lower load. Commonly done with people who drive their crawlers to camp or tow a trailer.
My predecessor as TLCA President, Alan Loshbaugh put semi-ellipticals on his FJ45 and touted their super-flexiness off road. But, I need my truck to be able to be a work truck too, so what I plan to do is add air bags when I go elliptical on my FJ45.

The picture is with about 1.5 tons of sand bags from when we were sandbagging along Bear Creek a couple weeks ago during the flooding. The stock FJ45 is rated at 1 tons and has a 9 leaf rear spring pack; the 6 normal leaves you get in a 40, plus 3 thick, flat overload leaves underneath. When empty, you can feel every pebble and crack in the pavement, but put a ton or so back there and it smooths right out.
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