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Originally Posted by gpkaufm View Post
I recently purchased, what I was told to be, a rebuilt "F" head for my '68 FJ40. When I went to put the head on the block I discovered that the alignment pillars (unk terminology) don't go into the holes on the bottom side of the head. The casting number on the head is 60200. Can anyone identify this casting number and tell me what year and model engine this is for? It doesn't seem to be for mine, that's for sure!

Thanks in advance for the help!!!
no books at work to check, but i don't believe there was a 60200. there was a 60020 used pre 69, but not sure exactly when without my books.

the pillars are are alignment dowels.

are you sure your engine is original? what year was the head supposed to be for? there may be differences between the f135, f145 and f155s, so knowing which the head is for might help
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