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It's 50mm long, from nut to cut end of the pipe. There's a pic of it in the service manual, and it's not an SST, it just says make one about that long. That's not the precise part of setting the timing according to the manual, it's the point of spill.

I would normally agree with you on the timing mark. However, I'm trying to rule everything out, and I have never checked it. In the manual, they don't say to look at the mark, but to test it right after adjusting the valves. As such, I think the timing mark is just a base of reference, but as the engine wears, it needs to be adjusted. A few degrees of timing is only about a 1/16" misalignment of those marks.
True, they probably have a piece like that. I'll check in next week when I drive by again. Thx!
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